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Abundant Living Class

Did you know the foods you eat greatly affects the way you feel and your ability to enjoy life? The Abundant Living classes focuses on our biggest lifestyle challenge, transitioning into the nutrient-dense diet that God designed us to thrive upon. 


Abundant Living  class is a health & nutrition class. The class is open to anyone interested in learning the importance of a plantbase diet on their overall health. Topics are presented by healthcare practitioners who are experts within their field. Classes include a presentation, food demonstration, and networking. A small $10 donation is suggested at the door to cover meeting expenses. All are welcomed to attend. 


Sample program topics from previous presentations:

  • Fighting cancer with food

  • Plantbase diet on mental health and reducing the risk of alzehmers disease

  • Controlling joint problems through healthy living

  • Eating with kindness and compassion


As good stewards of the body given to each of us, we can help you put into practice healthy principles for a new way of eating and learn nutritional excellence based upon the Bible and the most up-to-date scientific and medical research. Our goal is to educate and motivate you to make the best choices to achieve a healthy, strong body and mitigate the effects of living in a fallen world.


"I have come that they might have life, and that they have it more abundantly" John 10:10


Stay tuned for the 2018 class dates and times. 


If you are interested in being an active part of Abundant Living Ministries, please contact us immediately.

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